Judith Samuel

Rabaul Scenic Tours is in Rabaul, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.  It is an indigenous registered 100% nationally owned, under the community participation concept, which is of Tolai culture.  We are situated in the island of Matupit in Rabaul, the scenic port that overlooks the volcanoes (Mt. Tavurvur and Mt. Vulcan) that erupted in 1994.  We host war relics sites, volcanic hot springs, volcanic craters, fumaroles solidified lava, natural beauty both on land and underwater.


Rabaul Scenic Tours is responsible in pursuing our core functions to:

• Develop, establish and promulgate safety and security standards, conducive to all stakeholders in the Tourism Industry.
• Provide services that create good working relationships that sustain successful cooperation and partnership, in the  promotion of the Tourism Industry in which we work.

• Tourist safety, comfort and enjoyment.
•  Our work is important to us, we are open about what we do.


To promote a safe and secure Tourism environment.  We intend to build vibrant, resilient, knowledgeable and productive communities, as the key to a sustainable working relationship.


We take on the leadership role in inspiring and mobilizing local communities and and marginalized groupings in order to enhance prudent productive living environment, and an ongoing process of human development.


Our core values of business are:

-Integrity and transparency
-Honesty and leadership
-Quality customer focus and service
-Our work is important to us, we are open about what we do.


Rabaul Scenic Tours is focused on maintaining a safe and friendly environment, conducive for international and local tourists, the government and communities, with good environmental practices, and embracing a strong sense of commitment to showcasing traditional cultures, war relics, natural beauty both on land and underwater, are the key component of being the RABAUL SCENIC TOUR OF CHOICE – YOUR CHOICE.