Let us welcome you to wonderful Rabaul and our way of life with a smile!

Hello, we are Tolai people welcoming you to Rabaul and offering you tours with all facts , our way of life, and a bit of fun. Join our experienced tour guides in our air-conditioned buses for tours to remember!

Rabaul Scenic Tours is based in Rabaul, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.  It is an indigenous registered  business 100% nationally owned, under the community participation concept, which is of Tolai culture.  We are situated in the island of Matupit in Rabaul, the scenic port that overlooks the volcanoes (Mt. Tavurvur and Mt. Vulcan) that erupted in 1994.  We host war relics sites, volcanic hot springs, volcanic craters, fumaroles solidified lava, natural beauty both on land and underwater.