Let us welcome you to wonderful Rabaul and our way of life with a smile!

Hello, we are Tolai people welcoming you to Rabaul and offering you tours with all facts , our way of life, and a bit of fun. Join our experienced tour guides in our air-conditioned buses for tours to remember!

Rabaul Scenic Tours is based in Rabaul, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.  It is an indigenous registered  business 100% nationally owned, under the community participation concept, which is of Tolai culture.  We are situated in the island of Matupit in Rabaul, the scenic port that overlooks the volcanoes (Mt. Tavurvur and Mt. Vulcan) that erupted in 1994.  We host war relics sites, volcanic hot springs, volcanic craters, fumaroles solidified lava, natural beauty both on land and underwater.

Our regular RABAUL & VOLCANIC tours and ISLANDS MEMORIES tours are ideally suited to cruise ship passengers or groups of independent tourists.

For something different, our DAY OF ISLAND LIFE tour will give you 5-6 hours in our home village of Matupit taking part in all aspects of village life, from subsistence gardening and fishing to cooking a "Mumu" in hot stones and learning a small sing sing.

TOURS TO YOUR TASTE. WE are happy to provide specialty tours made to order for individuals and small groups. Tell us what you want to see and experience and we will arrange to put you in the middle of it.

VOLCANO TOUR – AU$80.00/K200
Four hours in and around Rabaul focusing on the volcanoes but with a bit of war history (it pops up everywhere!), and our way of life and culture.  You’ll learn to say: “Haus Guria”, “boina tuna”, and “Ketz mulai”, and to eat a Megapod egg hard boiled in the hot springs!

Kokopo, the new capital of East New Britain, is your focus for this four hours, with south seas history, relic of WWII, Bitapaka War Cemetery, and our modern way of life.  You’ll learn to say: “Boina tuna”, “Galip em swit moa!”, What? Pumpkin tips??”, and Ketz; Iouro”.

Duration 4 hours

  • Ruined Rabaul, the remnants of the prettiest town in the South Pacific; Rabaul market – alive and vibrant
  • Devastated areas from Tavurvur eruptions; close up view of Tavurvur Volcano
  • Matupit Island, recovering from volcanoe devastation
  • Yamamoto Bunker & Old New Guinea Club Musuem
  • Volcanological Observatory (Haus Guria).

Duration 4 hours

  • Japanese Barge Tunnel
  • Japanese Hospital Tunnel
  • Large Tunnels along Kokopo Road
  • Kokopo town (the “new Rabaul”)
  • Queen Emma Steps
  • Kokopo War and General Musuem
  • Commonwealth War Cemetery, Bitapaka
  • Kokopo Market (a veritable cornucopia)
  • Volcanological Observatory (Haus Guria)

Duration 5 – 6 hours

  • Hot Springs and Volcano
  • Old Rabaul Airport
  • Matupit Cultural Show
  • Yamamoto Bunker
  • Rabaul Historical Musuem (New Guinea Club)
  • Karavia Barge Tunnel
  • Queen Emma Steps
  • Kokopo War Musuem
  • Bitapaka War Cemetery
  • Volcanological Observatory (Haus Guria)


Tell us what you want and we will design a great day or several days for you and quote you a special price.

NOTE:  All tour prices include access fees to attractions where applicable. We are committed to paying these fees to site owners and will not carry passengers who want to pay individually.