Cruise Rabaul, Volcanoes, and War Relics with us 

Welcome to the land of our ancestors - the land of excitement!

Rabaul scenic Tours principal, judith Samuel, on the job greeting passengers from a cruise ship at Rabaul wharf

Join our "cruiser tours" for a great, four hour snapshot of what Rabaul and Kokopo are all about -- our volcanoes, our culture, our way of life, and our turbulent history

As Tolais, born and bred in Rabaul, we say "Welcome!" to our land of excitement!

Come cruise with us in an air conditioned minibus through a different kind of land. In other countries, the land is timeless -- here in Rabaul, the land can change literally overnight with mighty explosions and outpourings of molten lava, gas, and ash (but we do have plenty of warning when that is going to happen).

Our culture and way of life can be just as colorful; our people comprise many clans and tribes each with their legends, their singsings, their masks and costumes, their languages, and customs.

And then there are the relics of war and peace, the markers of our history -- and your history because they a history shared with the world. 

Welcome! Welcome to your adventure of volcanoes, breathtaking scenery, colorful singsings, war relics, and a way of life quite different from your experience at home.

Cruiser Tour 1: Rabaul and Volcanoes. Let us show you the wonders of Rabaul…our exotic culture, lifestyle, & explosive scenery

Map of destinations for Rabaul & Volcanoes tour. Tavurvur volcano, hot springs, Matupit Island, Yamamoto Bunker, War Museum, Kabiu Volcano, Volcanological Observatory, haus Guria, Hotpial Tunnel, Barge Tunnel.

The banner across the top of the page shows the panoramic view from the Volcanological Observatory. We will take you there. People live there an get up to this view every morning! Lucky people! Click on the pictures below to see enlarged views of the other destinations you will visit as part of your Rabaul & Volcanoes cruiser tour with Rabaul Scenic Tours.

Have your camera ready to take pictures like this (click on the pictures to make them bigger):

Tavurvur in full blast in the early hours of the morning of 28 September, 2014. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to see any of Rabaul’s volcanoes erupting like this unless you monitor the news and make a special visit. If you do happen to have the good fortune to share our excitement, Rabaul Scenic Tours will make sure you have a front row seat!DAWAPIA (the Beehives/Two Stones)
The twin peaks of Dawapia mark the edge of an underwater volcanic feature that forms part of the harbor floor. The two were much bigger in the previously, then in the 1970s, they rose, then subsided again with the right hand rock crumbling significantly. in the 1890s, they were so big that several families lived at their base. Cruise ships steam past coming and going.

Hades’ door! The stink of sulphur fills your nose as you approach the hot springs, with water boiling out of the ground. This is thought to be an early volcanic vent. There are a number of other major steam and hot water points under the sea making for unexpected patches of warm water.RABAUL - WHIP DANCE WELCOME
A traditional Whip Dance is not something everyone would want to be  on the end of, but seeing it sure is a great start to tours for cruise ship travelers!TABU - SHELL MONEY
Also spelt “tambu”. Tiny white cowries threaded on cane is the traditional money of the Tolai people. it is measured in “param” (an arm’s stretch length) which are joined to make wheels, as shown here. Long fished out in New Britain, you will see stubby (beer) bottles of shells imported from as far away as Vanuatu on sale in the markets, along with lengths of cane. Tabu is essential for traditional transactions. If you are Tolai, you must have tabu.TUBUAN HEADING FOR A CEREMONY
If you are lucky, you might see a Tubuan like this figure, prancing down the road. Tubuan dancers are the public face of the Tolai men’s secret Tubuan Society, and are offered great respect. They are not seen every day, but cruise ship passengers might be in luck and see a Tubuan parade; independent travelers can see them at the National Mask and Warwagira Festival.VOLCANOLOGICAL OBSERVATORY
The Volcanological Observatory, the “Haus Guria” is situated on Tunnel Hill, named for the numerous tunnels the Japanese dug for protection from Allied bombs. Today, seismograph sensors are housed in a number of tunnels. A favorite photo spot for cruise visitors to get a picture of their ship at its berth.ADMIRAL YAMAMOTO’s HQ BUNKER
Inside “Yamamoto’s HQ” where 70+ years ago, the legendary Admiral Yamamoto commanded Japan’s forces in the South Pacific. The Admiral chose Rabaul for the harbor where cruise ships now visit. US and Australian bombers plastered Rabaul with a massive weight of bombs.MATUPIT ISLAND
The decapitated coconut palms tell the story of the burning gases that roared across he land, laying it bare, when neighboring Tavurvur erupted in 1994. The new growth, gardens, flowers, and the house tell the story of a people rebuilding their lives here. As the cruise ships enter Rabaul, Matupit Island is on the right (starboard).

Two kina (about 80¢) for a picture - and cheap at the price! Islands youngsters love to dress up in their traditional “bilas” (finery), a bonus is contributing to the household income by posing for tourists’ photos.JAPANESE HOSPITAL TUNNEL
Noah, the keeper of the gate at the Japanese Hospital Tunnel, invites you to visit beginning at the main entrance to the complex of passages and rooms.IN VILLAGES THERE ARE SINGSINGS
A young woman ready for a traditional singsing -- part of many important cultural events and celebrations. Whether you are a subsistence gardener or a computer operator, when a singsing is on, you wouldn’t want to miss it! We try to keep a tag on singsings and gain special entry for our cruise and other tour guests.

On tourist days, local residents flock to the Barge Tunnel to provide  a souvenir and fresh fruit (in season) service to visitors - including laminated photographs of the barges and other tourist hot spots. Rabaul Scenic independent tours take you there too.BARGE TUNNEL
Cruise ship visitors never miss the barge tunnel, where the Japanese tunneled into the cliff to save their barges from Allied bombs; we make sure it is open for Rabaul Scenic independent tours too.RABAUL MARKET
Two cruise passengers enjoying the Rabaul market in perfect safety and security. Rabaul is a safe destination for cruise passengers and independent tourists alike.RABAUL MARKET
A cornucopia of tropical fruits and vegetables; here a pawpaw (papaya). People are generally happy to pose for a visitor to take a picture, but they do appreciate being asked and thanked along with a purchase or a “liklik halivim” (little help) of a kina or two being given. This is normal among Islanders, not a tourist thing; life is about exchange.

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